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Wind Damage
Wind damage claims are usually related to Windstorms, Tornados, and large thunderstorms.
Water Damage
When a pipe breaks, a leaky faucet or floor causes damage to your home, you are most likely qualified to have your insurance company pay for the repairs.
Fire Damage
From room fires to a complete burn-out of a home, our public adjusters help you through the insurance portion of this very stressful event.
Smoke Damage
Smoke damage can occur from a fire or a puff-back, which can quickly turn your home into a hazardous place to live.
Theft/Vandalism Claims
Theft claims are very detailed and specific. We can help you file a theft claim and make sure that everything is covered.
Lightening/Power Surge claims
Damage from lightning is very tricky when it comes to filing a claim, most insurance policy holder don't know what is covered and how much they should get for their damaged contents.
Why Use a Public Adjuster?

As homeowners many will be facing the process of filing insurance claims as they try to recoup from a recent storm. Navigating the claims process -- understanding what a policy covers and how much of a cash payout should be expected -- can be overwhelming, especially after experiencing a natural disaster.

We are licensed public adjusters who work on your behalf to help determine what you're legally owed and who works with your insurer to make sure you get the settlement you're entitled to.

We recommend that you bring us in at the beginning of a claim, rather than in the middle. That way we can help streamline your claim and paperwork from the start, rather than sorting out problems weeks or months later.

Most people will be overwhelmed by the long and arduous task of paperwork, correspondence, and phone calls that the process entails. Liberty Public Adjusters will handle this for you.

Be aware that some contractors and roofers may say they're licensed public adjusters when they are not! There are laws regarding insurance claims which they do not understand and will cause you more problems. We are not contractors. Our job is to get the money for you and you hire the contractor of your choice. We do not use contractor invoices for settlements. In this economy, that will not help you. Contractors are desperate for work and will underbid the true value of damages to just get the work. We will get what the law requires!

Our process
  • You experience property damage or a property loss.
  • A Liberty Public Adjusters LLC representative may come out to your property to inspect your loss and to advise you on your best course of action (scheduled based on the type of loss-- our team is available 24/7).
  • Once you retain Liberty Public Adjusters LLC to represent your financial interest, L.P.A. begins working for you immediately.
  • There may be a need for restoration or a temporary repair/inspection to be completed. In most cases L.P.A. will make arrangements for the vendor to be paid when the claim is settled.
  • Liberty Public Adjusters LLC will then call your insurance carrier and notify them of your loss in industry terminology, ensuring your claim gets initiated.
  • An appointment is set with your carrier's adjuster to meet the L.P.A. trained adjuster (appointment generally takes place a week to 10 business days later).
  • Your Liberty Public Adjusters LLC adjuster will meet with your carrier's adjuster. Your L.P.A. adjuster will describe the complete picture. This maximizes your carrier's adjuster view of the loss and builds the foundation for your claim.
  • Next is generally what we call THE SILENT PERIOD. In the background we are negotiating to obtain the maximum settlement of your claim. We will contact you if any information that may be required. At any time throughout the process you may contact us at 800.223.7010 for any questions and or updaters.
Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities for outside commission sales. Liberty Public Adjusters is looking for commission driven individuals to add to our team. Make your own schedule to meet your needs. Liberty Public Adjusters is dedicated to helping property owners maximize their property insurance claim and manage the process for them.

For more information, call 1-800-223-7010 or email



  • " During a big windstorm, I experienced damage to my home from a tree. I called my insurance co and their adjuster offered $35k to do the repairs. I then called Liberty Public Adjusters and they were able to get me an additional $23k to complete the work to my home. I should have called them first! "


    William T

  • " I had roof damage from a storm and rain got into two bed rooms on the second floor. I called Liberty Public Adjusters. They had someone to me the same day to review the damage and policy; they arranged someone to secure my roof to ensure no further damage would happen and had someone clean up all the wet areas in my house. They contacted the insurance co and got me a settlement to have all the repairs done. The process was handled very professionally and timely."


    Mike K

  • " I was referred to Liberty Public Adjusters from a friend that used them in the past and I am very happy that I did. Everyone there is very professional! They were able to get me more money that I would have myown! They were able to negotiate more than just the obvious damage. I didn�t realize how much work was needed and they took care of everything. Thank you very much!!!!! "


    Debbie M

  • " We experience a pipe break in my home and because it was so much damage I figured I would handle this myself and I was wrong. We were getting so much push back from the insurance adjuster which I thought they we here to help. I got tired of them telling me that they were waiting for approvals to remove the wet carpet and floors. My house smelled so bad my wife and children had to stay with family. We hired Liberty Pubic Adjusters and they took over and drove the claim and I am grateful. They knew exactly what to do and they did! They were a huge help!!!! "


    Jim P

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